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When it comes to backyard dreams, many homeowners include a swimming pool on this list. In fact, tens of thousands of homeowners across the country have invested in their own person oasis right in their backyard. If you are ready to do the same, you will find our pool contractors are ready to make your dreams a reality.

Are you interested in a custom designed salt water pool for your Miami home? If so, we are a premier service provider that offers new pool construction, custom pools design, and more. Are you unsure if our custom salt water pools are right for you? If so, learn more about the benefits here.

Benefits of a Salt Water Pool over Chlorine Pools in Miami

Salt water pools are growing in popularity and now represent more than half of new in-ground pool installations. We can even convert your existing chlorine pool to a saltwater system.

The question you may have is what has spurred this movement to custom salt water pools in Miami? We believe it is all the benefits this style of pool has to offer.

Pool Sanitization

To make sure the water is clear and clean all pools must have sanitization. Salt chlorination is a more convenient and more natural alternative to the harsher solid or liquid chemical chlorine that is traditionally used in pools. It doesn’t cost as much either.

More Convenient

The sanitization method used for salt water pool systems is much more convenient compared to chlorine. This reliable system operates independently and has a simple maintenance process.

Smooth Water

Thanks to the salt water chlorination process, you can feel the difference in the water. Salt water pools offer silky-smooth water that is both luxurious and soft.

It’s Natural

When you hire our pool contractors for the installation of a salt water pool, you will have a natural sanitization method. This is preferred to the harsher chemical chlorine that is typically used.

Healthier Swimming Experience

With salt water, you have a pleasant and healthy swimming experience. It also results in fewer chloramines produced, which eliminates the harsh and unpleasant chemical smell.

Reduced Costs

The salt cells will convert the salt into an active chlorine for a much lower price compared to the traditional type of solid or liquid chlorine.

Reduced Skin and Eye Irritation

Thanks to the method of sanitization that salt water pools use, the occurrence of eye and skin irritation is much lower. It has spa like qualities for your skin. Your kids and furry friends will love it.

Salt Water Pool Styles Offered

We also offer an array of pool styles, with some of the most popular options including:

Beach Entrance Pool

Infinity Salt Water Pools

Natural Pools

Our Pool Build Out Process

When you hire our team for your custom pool design and installation process, you will find we make things as easy and hassle-free as possible. The first step is to contact us so we can come see your property and discuss what you want or need.

Our team can answer any questions you may have about the pool options and help you select the right one for your budget and the maintenance requirements. During this initial assessment, we can also provide you with an estimate, so you will know what the project will cost. If you have a limited budget, we will work with you to help you get the pool you want while adhering to the budget you have set.

Miami Swimming Pool Contractor

Once we have ironed out all the details and received approval from you to get started, our team will begin the design and construction process. Our goal is to get the work done as quickly as possible without cutting corners or using subpar materials. If there are any changes or unexpected incidents during the construction process our team will come to you and discuss them before changing anything.

As you can see, our entire pool installation process is designed to ensure you are informed and that you get the pool you have been dreaming of as quickly as possible.

Unlike other pool services in the Miami area, we put you – our valued customer – first at every turn. If you are ready to get started or would like to learn more about the services we offer, past projects, or just have questions, contact our team today. We will be happy to help you bring your pool dreams to a reality.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to pool contractors in the Miami area, we know you have a lot of options to choose from. While this is true, our team provides each customer a superior experience and the ability to get the end results desired. Our team has been serving the local area for several years and have become known as one of the best providers nearby.

Our Salt Water Pool Services

Our team can provide complete pool design and installation services, customization for pool installation, and help ensure you get the backyard area you have always dreamed of. Along with this, we have a full-service department that can help you make repairs or upgrades to your pool when needed. When you need pool service in Miami, you can count on our team to deliver the exceptional and affordable services you want and deserve.

It doesn’t matter the current state of your outdoor area. We can transform your neglected backyard into a relaxing and beautiful area where people want to spend time. With our pool installation services, you will have the perfect gathering spot for family, friends, and more. Your house will become a hit for your teen and their friends, and the perfect place for you to spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun. however, you can’t enjoy any of this if you don’t give us a call to get started with your custom pool project today.

Pool Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Turn the pool maintenance knob into overdrive. Yes, that’s right, get in to all the crevices and really clean your pool out. Combined with the affects of a salt water pool, it feels so much better to dive into a spotless pool.
  2. Install a solar water heater. We know Miami’s weather is warm year around, but rainy days can lower your pool temperature a few degrees. Make your pool enjoyable any time of the year with a solar water heater.
  3. Our favorite feature: a proper sound system. Yes, sit back and relax in your dream pool and listen to your favorite music to unwind from the grind. A proper sound system is a must to really make your pool side time enjoyable.



A pool can add a much needed diversion and some vitamin D. But in order to turn your yard into a Zen like garden, adding proper landscaping can really turn the space into paradise. A combination of shady palms with pops of color can make any outdoor space ‘gram worthy. With more families choosing to stay home, upgrading your outdoor space is a must.

Want to know how to start up a salt water pool?

The start up of a Salt Water Pool is easy. If you’re installing a salt water chlorinator to an existing pool, you do not have to drain the pool.

You do need to test the water and balance it out before installing the chlorinator. Here are the steps to test your pool for chemicals.

  1. Test the chemistry of your water with a test and balance strip. We’re testing for pH, alkaline levels, calcium, metals, salt, chlorine, and cyanuric acid.
  2. We then need to determine how many gallons are in your pool by measuring the pool for length, width, and depth (if you already have this info, you can skip this step). It gives us an idea as to how much chemical product we need to add.
  3. Once we’ve gotten the results, we need to check for the levels of Alkalinity. An ideal level is somewhere between 85-120ppm (parts per million). Note that if your alkaline levels are low, we would need to add sodium bicarbonate for high levels, we need to add muriatic acid.
  4. Once we have leveled off the alkaline levels, we need to check for pH levels. Rule of thumb is the lower the alkaline levels the lower the pH and higher the alkaline levels the higher the pH. Ideal range for pH is between 7.1 and 7.6. If pH levels are high, adding pH decreaser will help it stabilize. For low levels of pH, adding muriatic acid does the trick.
  5. Once pH and alkaline levels are stabilized, we check for chlorine levels. Ideal is somewhere in the range of 1-3ppm. We can raise levels of chlorine by adding rapid pool shock. Conversely, we can lower chlorine levels by draining the pool two to three inches. Then fill with fresh water.
  6. In order to protect chlorine from the effects of the sun, we add Cyanuric acid. A normal level is between 50-80ppm.
  7. Ideal Calcium levels are between 200-400pm. Add calcium hardness to increase the calcium levels. Draining 3 inches of the pool and filling it with fresh water can lower calcium levels. Low calcium levels can cause pitting of the pool service. High calcium can cause scale build up and cloud your pool.
  8. Finally, there should be no metals in your pool, as it can stain your pool.

Once we have balanced our chemicals, we can add the salt to the pool. Your salt chlorinator have a suggested range for salt. Make sure to check it prior to adding the salt. Average salt levels range from 2800 to 3500ppm.

What type of salt do you add to your pool? Use only sodium chloride salt that is greater than 99% pure.

After you add the salt and all the metrics check out, feel free to enjoy your pool.

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